Beethoven X

About us

The Beethoven X team has decided to remain anonymous in name, but public in what we stand for. Simple, visionary, revolutionary DeFi on Fantom Opera.
Our team has more than 80 years of combined experience in building technology that matters. After many successes building great customer experiences in unusual places, we have realized we want to change the world even more. We have decided to let our past experiences in finance shine through. Enable diverse backgrounds from NGO to Farmer come to fruition. Merge all this with our shared love for the blockchain movement and cryptocurrencies.
Thus creating a new kind of symphony - we call it Beethoven X.
We believe in building beautiful and safe DeFi on Fantom that can empower and will adapt to the new order of blockchain technology in the coming months and years. We think everybody deserves a chance to take control of their financial freedom.
Everybody deserves some Beethoven X.