Beethoven X

LBP for Protocols

Any team can setup a LBP on Beethoven X using the Fair Launch Auction configurator for their token launch. The team can set parameters such as the total allocation, the starting and end weights, and the initial liquidity using the the steps below. A fee is applied to any project launching a token via the LBP mechanism, the fee is set at 2% off the collateral raised in the LBP. The fee will go directly to the Beethoven X DAO treasury.
How to set up your LBP:
Step 1.
Enter all and any information about your project that may be relevant for users considering participating.
Please provide as much information as possible so users can DYOR and be encouraged to participate in the LBP.
Step 2.
Configure your auction by setting parameters such as the start and end time of the LBP, the starting and end weights, and the swap fee percentage. The (min. XX.XX%)
Using a Multisig Wallet
We compel all teams to use a multisig wallet. Any team who fails to do this, will feature a large warning stating this fact in order to warn any participating users about the increased risk this poses. For more infromation on using Wallet Connect with the Gnosis Safe we recommend:
Disclaimer: Even if a project meets these criteria this does not mean that Beethoven X or it's community endorses the project in any way. This does not imply it's a safer or more attractive investment opportunity as the requirements are set in advance, apply universally to any project and are coded-in with the goal to increase the attractivness of the LBP offering and supplying liquidity to the Beethoven X protocol. This process is automatic and not vetted by Beethoven X.