Beethoven X

Beethoven X Climate Fund

Composing music for all life.
We died in 1827. We know what it feels like to be dead. As humanity is driving itself towards possible extinction by emitting a shit ton of Co2 (this is not a token) into the atmosphere we can honestly tell, that being dead, extinct, isn’t the new black. It is not cool.
You want to be alive, thriving, for generations, in connection with nature. What you want is to create music that cares for all life.
That is why we have created the Beethoven X Climate Fund.
Because we don’t have to go extinct.
We wish to be climate positive. That means measuring, avoiding and removing our Green House Gas Emissions. In the real world.
We will invest in nature-based capturing such as forestry and regenerative agriculture and in technological solutions such as direct carbon capturing with 10.000 years+ permanent storage.
Our promise is to understand and measure our impact on the climate, then continuously reduce our footprint and directly capture what we can avoid. We will constantly share this journey with the community.
We wish to be a positive contribution to life on planet earth.