Beethoven X


Our dream:

We have unfinished business and we dream of creating access to cutting edge wealth creation instruments for everyone regardless of socio economic status.


Maximize protocol revenue and the risk-adjusted return on our user’s portfolios through constant experimentation and optimisation in collaboration with the community.
We will continuously innovate automated investment strategies utilizing the amazing composition of Balancer V2, create strong partnerships within the DeFi ecosystem and co-create epic yield optimizers to allow anyone to take control of their own wealth creation.


1. No 1 DEX on Fantom. 2. Maximize the risk-adjusted return of more than 100,000 liquidity providers. 3. Maximise Protocol revenue through constant experimentation and optimisation in collaboration with the community. 4. Capture all Co2 emitted from usage of our protocol. 5. Co-create the kindest and most loving community in crypto of more than 25,000 Ludwigs. 6. Assemble a global top tier team that operates healthily, harmoniously and efficiently.

Phase 1: October 2021 Step out of the grave and into the world. Week by week.

Our first phase has been a four week sprint including the following:
Soft Launch: Test Infrastructure. Find and engage with early Ludwigs. Launch Token through LBP.
The firsts: Partnerships. AMAs. NFTs. UI Updates. Pool Composer. Snapshot Votes.
The numbers: Secure more than 200M in TVL Grow Community to more than 1000 discord members Grow twitter following to more than 3000 followers Top 10 Project on Fantom
Other: Prove that we can deliver real value to the Fantom Ecosystem Be recognised as a kind and competent team that is in it for the long run.

Phase 2: November / December 2021 Amplification of sound and music resting on a solid beat. Month by month.

Our second phase is a two month sprint that seeks to deliver the second wave of value creation for the Fantom ecosystem while creating a foundation for future growth of the protocol.

Technology Features / Services

Protocol analytics dashboard - First iteration on an analytics tool that will provide deep insights into protocol activity, using uniswap v3 info as a basis.
  • Pool performance
  • Token performance
  • LP fees
  • Protocol fees.
LBP as a service - Permissionless UI that allows any team to set up their own LBP, similar to copper launch. LBPs drive volume to the platform, resulting in additional protocol fees. The team will implement a security review process that will provide the LBP with an additional “approved” status in an attempt to ensure the safety of the users. Approved projects will have the option to enlist the help of the team for the launch (content, marketing, etc) in exchange for them leaving their liquidity on Beethoven X post launch. This creates long term protocol fees for the protocol, as the bulk of initial liquidity will remain on Beethoven X for any new project supported by the team.
Trade - A revamp of the trading experience. Create a “pro” trade experience in the direction of slingshot. Implement limit orders powered by Gelato
Invest - Create a more intuitive invest experience in the direction of, especially for the “index” style pools
Portfolio - Continue to build on the portfolio view Lifetime fees earned Better integration of farming rewards More accurate calculations of fees earned
Bridge - Implement a bridge wrapper similar to Spooky & Spirit. Make Beethoven-X the entry point for new ecosystem participants.


Existing Fantom native projects - We will continue to engage with existing Fantom projects. Our continued goal is to build strong partnerships with all existing projects in the ecosystem.
LBP - The Liquidity bootstrapping pool will allow us to be in contact with many new and upcoming projects in the Fantom ecosystem. We will leverage it as an avenue for capturing liquidity of new projects as we define ourselves as a premier destination for fair token launches.
Existing projects deploying to Fantom - Many existing projects will continue to build a presence on the Fantom network. We will strive to create strong partnerships with reputable projects as they deploy on Fantom, defining ourselves as the destination for their liquidity on Fantom.


Liquidity committee - A committee has been formed whose task is to maximize LP and protocol revenue. The committee will participate in continuous evidence based experimentation with pool construction, swap fee, and amplification parameters, adapting their strategy to meet market conditions. The committee will report both findings and actions taken to the community.
Love and Kindness - It might sound like a wild esoteric dream, but we believe that a community that is kind and abundant in love is simply more efficient, resilient and performs better. We are simply optimizing return on collective intelligence by using a high dose of love and kindness.
Community mod of Discord - we will transition to community mod and begin to onboard members of the community.
Enhanced Discord experience - create a nicer home for all Ludwigs, improve welcome messages, better channel overview
Increased AMA's - Upon request, bi-weekly, topic specific. Over the next months we will introduce multiple concepts for community conversations.
Competitions - we will continue to launch conversation with different valuable prices at random points in time.


Brand Story - continue to unfold the story line of the Beethoven family and the epic Ludwigs.
NFTs - continue to experiment with utility with existing NFT collection and new formats for NFTs
Co2 Capturing Strategy - First draft of calculation of Beethoven X’s Co2 emissions and plan for capturing equivalent amount.