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Home is where the heart is.

Beethoven X began its journey on the Fantom network in October 21’. Since then the protocol has taken the journey cross chain and deployed on Optimism in July 22’. For the time being these networks provide the foundations for our ‘home’ and we are committed to building successful deployments centered around community, sustainability and profitability.

The expansion across multiple chains has been carefully considered and future deployments on other networks remain as a possibility. It is important to note that the project will only act out of the best interest of both the protocol and the community. Any further deployments will need to align strongly with the strategic growth of the protocol, long term and embrace the core values of our brand.


Super fast, endlessly efficient, welcoming and gracious. Fantom is built for DeFi. Not only does the technology offer a seamless DeFi experience, but an interwoven and intellectual community shines through at the heart of this ecosystem. Fantom is where we started our journey and it continues to play a pivotal role in the future of the protocol. All governance decisions operate through our governance token - fBEETS which lives native to the Fantom ecosystem.


Lightning quick, stable and scalable, Optimism is a Layer-2 blockchain designed to scale Ethereum based applications effortlessly and efficiently. If it works on Ethereum, it works on Optimism but at a fraction of the cost. More than just a blockchain, Optimism is centered around strong community development, sustainability and innovation for the future.