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Unlimited creativity. Playful. Fun.

After more than 200 years Ludwig v. Beethoven returns to be undead and enters the DeFi space with his full creativity. Along his way of becoming one of the greatest DeFi maestros he meets friends and partners who join his orchestra to help him compose a masterpiece of a symphony.

Beethoven X NFT collections

The OG collection: First collection of the life and times of Ludwig the Undead

The “First collection of the life and times of Ludwig the Undead”. A series of 500 NFTs featuring 100 unique hand made artworks by Vee, the Beethoven X designer. This collection was minted to the 500 early liquidity providers and closest supporters of the Beethoven X project. The artworks were inspired by music, culture and current events happening on this fast moving planet. It is currently traded on PaintSwap.

Beethoven X Collection of Undead Partnerships

This is a limited NFT collection by Beethoven X dedicated to partnerships with projects and people we love. Given away to the Beethoven X community. The collection will grow as partnerships are formed. This is a unique creation by Vee, Beethoven X' designer. This collection is traded on PaintSwap.


A very exclusive collection of custom pfp avatars created for people and partners who helped Beethoven X become what it is today. Each NFT is carefully created by Beethoven X's lead designer Vee and represents the characteristics of the person . This collection is a way for Beethoven X to say thank you to all heavy contributors to the success of the protocol and show the appreciation they deserve. The collection will grow with time and each and everyone has the chance to become part of this unique collection by contributing to the protocol's success. This collection is traded on PaintSwap.

Mix-Tapes and Mementos by Beethoven X

Mix-Tapes and Mementos is where the Beethoven X team plays, experiments and unleashes its full creativity. Unlike other collections, it is a fluidly growing collection without any particular theme. This collection is currently traded on PaintSwap. Utility

Access to the exclusive Ludwig Lounge

NFT holders of one of the listed NFT collections above will get access to the exclusive Ludwig Lounge, a VIP channel on our Discord. The Ludwig Lounge is where the most talented musicians hang out. In Vienna, over 200 years ago, we hung out at Archduke Maxi in his castle. He had a wicked awesome lounge where Haydn and we could play all night. And the parties sir, the parties. We like lounges, we like if people make an effort, go an extra mile, we LOVE Ludwigs and especially the holders of the key to the lounge. The NFT.

In the Ludwig Lounge:

  • We drop alpha
  • Give you access to beta versions of our developments
  • Give away small (and large) gifts such as partner NFTs, whitelist spots and early access to wonderful projects in the Fantom ecosystem

Welcome to the Ludwig Lounge, where the wine flows, the music is loud, people are amazing, markets are up and moons are in sight. (or when they are down, we will bring in some counseling and music therapy).