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Beethoven X holds assets within the Treasury to fund operations, future developments and partnerships.

Risk averse treasury management is pivotal to ensuring protocol longevity and sustainability. The Beethoven X treasury holds a collection of stablecoins, bluechip assets and participates in Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) farming and bonding. All these assets are managed under the strict guidelines set by the Beethoven X DAO framework.

To ensure diversification, the Beethoven X Treasury holds assets across 3 different chains, these addresses can be found below:

Fantom Treasury Wallet

Optimism Treasury Wallet

Ethereum Treasury Wallet

Treasury Management

Efficient treasury management is essential. In order to ensure a swift, risk averse and proactive approach to managing funds, the Beethoven X DAO framework gives Music Directors the following authority over treasury management:

  • The discretion to allocate monthly protocol fees to which liquidity pools.

  • To use up to a maximum of $10k USD per month (BEETs or otherwise) for voter incentives without a governance vote. This is separate from any other voter incentive allocations authorized by a separate governance vote.

  • To reallocate up to a maximum of $200k per month of the treasury balance. This would include entering and exiting liquidity pools, moving funds cross chain or adding to existing deposits. Any reallocation greater than $200k will require a treasury vote.

  • Is able to utilize up to a maximum of $20k per month of non-protocol fee revenue without a governance vote. This is separate from any other utilization or reallocation authorized by a separate governance vote.

  • This relates to revenue from farming or other activities outside our core business of generating protocol fees.

  • Utilization refers to redeposits into existing farms, adding to liquidity pools or holding the assets in a wallet.

Performance Reports

In complete transparency, Beethoven X publishes an informative financial report every month. This report not only breaks down the top performing pools and BEETS performance but it also outlines the full treasuries balance and metrics. These reports are published on Medium.